Introducing Acobot

How Aco Boosts Your Sales


Aco Learns from Your Website

Acobot is a self-learning AI. It learns from your website by itself so you don't have to program for it. You even don't need to teach it or train it. It's fully automated and works all by itself.

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Aco Engages Your Website Visitors

Acobot greets each visitor to your website with personalized messages, answers their questions about your products or services, and helps them with navigation, with a human touch. You will see reduced bounce rates, more page views and longer time on site.


Aco Turns Visitors into Buying Customers

Acobot generates leads from your website by asking visitors for their email address or telephone number straightforwardly. More importantly, it helps you achieve conversion rate optimization by nudging visitors to act as you expect with interactive call to actions at the right points.

Acobot is fully automated. It does all the job and continuously optimizes the conversion rate by itself. The longer it works for you, the more results it delivers to you.

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5 Star Rated AI

Aco is rated over 4.6 stars based on over 77,000 reviews on Google Play. It recently joined WordPress and Product Hunt communities and has received all 5-star reviews so far.

Based on 77,000+ reviews

Customer Testimonials

See why customers love Acobot.

A good choice to help your website and your visitors. Easy setup, quick integration, real-time learning and monitoring.


It is not our first time to try conversational chatbots on our website and we have found there is no hype about Acobot. It is an AI, not another chatbot!


It will navigate the user to required page. This is amazing feature. I would like to say Aco chat bot is an amazing chatbot, that is easy to use, install, and excellent support.

Mohammad Z.

Success Stories

See how customers are boosting their sales using Acobot.

WeDesy Real Estate

Aco helps desis, the WeDesy users, explore the housing options and generates rental leads for the website.

Apex Steel

With Aco, Apex Group sells more steel products to the building construction and engineering industry.

Programming for Success Education

PFS provides the global learning solutions for students, professionals and business owners. Aco helps grow their client base rapidly.

Manurewa Car Spares Auto

Manurewa Car Spares offers a vast selection of new and used car parts for Toyota cars. Aco keeps their telephone ringing.

Mithuns Money Market Finance

Mithuns Money Market helps their clients make money in stocks, commodity and currency trading. Acobot helps them make money.

OfficeEarth Business Services

OfficeEarth provides US-based virtual receptionists. Acobot helps it capture sales leads from its website 24/7.

Translia Translation Service

Aco encourages translation customers to request quotes and place orders online, keeping translators busy all day.

Althris Enterprise Consultancy

Althris is a management focused training company covering Agile, Scrum, and PMP. Aco acquires more enterprise clients for them.

Vilasa Ahuta Hotels & Resorts

Aco brings more guests to the beautiful cottages set amidst a lush coconut grove on Agonda Beach, South Goa.

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Lead Generation

How Aco Generates Sales Leads from Your Website


Aco Just Asks for It

People seldom give their contact information when browsing a website unless they really want to contact you. Acobot increases such chances by asking them for email address or telephone number as you prefer during interaction, in a straightforward yet polite manner.


Aco Gives Good Reasons

People never give their email address away without a sound reason. Acobot gives them good reasons to do so. For example, "Sorry but I cannot answer that. Can you leave your email address so I can forward your case to my human colleague?"


Aco Delivers Leads to Your Inbox

Once a customer gives his/her contact information, Acobot immediately gives you a mail notification, with detailed interaction logs included. You can then follow up.


Aco Nurtures Leads with Social Medias

If you use social medias such as Facebook or Twitter to generate leads, Acobot will also encourage the website visitors to like you or follow you where applicable. Acobot works with all major social media including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pintrest, and LinkedIn.

Acobot Generates Sales Leads All by Itself

All you need to do is choose what leads to capture - email leads or telephone leads.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

How Aco Increases Your Website Conversions


Aco Gives Interactive Call to Actions

Acobot identifies the purpose of your website and actions you expect visitors to take. It then nudges website users to take the right actions at the right time and place during interaction. For example, "May I show you a demo now?" Many users will respond yes.


Aco Navigates to the Right Pages

While the action requires navigation, Acobot sends the user to the right web page, without requiring him/her to click. This not only improves user experience but also increases the chances of user action.


Aco Prompts Form Fillings

Virtually all website conversions are done through form submission. To boost conversion rate further, Acobot not only opens the page for users but also scrolls to the form that users will fill out and highlights it, bringing the conversion rates to an even higher level.


Aco Follows Up to Convert Leads

When a lead is generated, Acobot sends an Auto Follow Up mail to the prospect, which confirms the receipt of request and encourages him/her to take actions such as taking a free trial. Many click through and convert, before you act!

Probably the Easiest Conversion Optimization Tool for Your Website

Acobot's CRO feature doesn't require any setup. It'll study your website and optimize by itself!

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Website Engagement

How Aco Engages Your Website Users

If your website has too many bounces, Acobot can help you immediately. You may expect less bounces, more page views and longer time on site.


Intelligent Invites

On average you have 8 seconds to catch the eyes of new website visitors. Acobot starts engaging the visitors with invite messages as soon as they land on your website. The messages are highly inviting because they're personalized based on where they come from and what they're reading. Once an interaction starts, Acobot gives your website more chances to convert the visitor.


Question Answering

Many prospective buyers leave your website without buying anything simply because they can’t find from your website the answer to their question or they just don’t bother to look for it. Acobot keeps them stay on your website by giving accurate answers based on the website contents.


Exit Engagement

Acobot detects the exit intent and uses full-screen popups to pull exiting visitors back to your website. It outperforms traditional exit web forms because its personal questions with a human touch like "Are you leaving now?" are much more engaging than the web forms.

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How Can Aco Answer Questions About My Business?

Acobot studies your website and teaches itself to answer customer questions about your business. No coding. No scripting. You even don't need to teach it or train it!

Try a demo to see how Aco learns

What if Aco is stumped by a question?

If the question is relevant to your business, Aco will offer a human follow up.
Many users will give their contact information and you will get sales leads.

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Building Credibility

Acobot Enhances Your Brand Image

Acobot widget is deliberately designed for creating an attractive, reliable and professional look and feel. Simply adding the widget to your website would increase its sales because of the added credibility. Customizing widget for your website is simple and easy.



Avatar is not only the face of AI but also an extension of your brand image. Acobot includes hundreds of stock avatars. From the formal to the cute or weired, you can always find a stock avatar that perfectly matches the nature of your business. You can also upload your own PNG or GIF for custom avatar, bringing your brand image to an even higher level.



With a single click, you can choose a widget that best matches the style of your website design. There are three styles for your choice, all of which look attractive and professional.



Aco works best with a color that is eye-catching yet matches the palette of your web pages. You can easily choose such a color with our widget color picker and instant previewer. No HTML or CSS involved.

Impress Your Website Visitors!

For those who leave without buying, many would come back sooner or later with Acobot impressing your brand upon their mind.

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Even More Benefits

Acobot Helps You Know Your Customers Better

You pay a lot to drive traffic to your website but most of the visitors leave without telling you why. You might have tried survey form but the response rate is low. Knowing your customer is important but not easy. Acobot can help you overcome the challenge. This is how.


Customer Questions: A Gold Mine

Question answering, the basic feature of Acobot, not only gives your website users instant help but also give you a unique approach know them better. By reading through the interaction logs, which are delivered to your inbox, you can understand why they come to your website, what they need and what they concern.


Aco Asks Meaningful Questions

Where applicable, Acobot asks your website visitors questions about what they think about your website or products, for example, "How do you think about our pricing?" Our research reveals more users share more true ideas when they interact with AI than human, especially when talking about why they leave without buying.


You Just Check Mail and Optimize

As always, Acobot works all by itself. You even don't need to setup what questions to ask. Aco knows what to ask based on your website. All you need to do is read the interaction logs regularly, identify the customer concerns and make improvement on your website or business offer.

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The more you know, the better you perform!

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Browsers, Platforms and CMS

Acobot is Compatible

It supports all of the modern browsers including Chrome, IE, FireFox, and Safari and works with any major platform or CMS.





And yes, Acobot is mobile ready!

Today 47% of people use their mobile phone to surf the web and the number is increasing. Acobot enhances your website with a mobile friendly conversational UI and turns more mobile users into buying customers than ever before!


Why AI

AI is the Future and the Future is Now!

Every major player is working on this technology of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence would be the ultimate version of Google. The ultimate search engine that would understand everything on the Web.

Larry Page, CEO of Alphabet

Our goal with artificial intelligence is to build systems that are better than people at perception - seeing, hearing, language and so on.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook

AI is at the intersection of our ambitions... We want to democratize AI just like we brought information to your fingertips.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft
We've Put AI at Your Fingertips

Harness the Power of AI!

Artificial intelligence is the new electricity? Not unless we make it plug and play. Not unless we make it available and affordable.

Vic Duan, Founder of Acobot

Aco in the News

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Acobot's AI Built Another AI that Outperforms Human Made Chatbot

Acobot’s artificial intelligence built a chatbot that outperforms the one made by a veteran developer in the accuracy of answering customer questions.

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Answer Accuracy of Virtual Customer Assistant Boosted by Acobot's AI Innovation

Acobot's new AI technologies of natural language understanding (NLU) enable virtual customer assistants or chatbots to give more accurate answers.

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