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Workflow Integration

Integrating Acobot with Your Support Workflow

Typically you hope customers talk to Aco before they turn to you. To do so you would place the chat widget button at pages that customers are easy to access, or simply on every page.

To integrate Aco with your existing support workflow properly, consider the following question:

What should Aco do with the support cases that it cannot resolve?

Acobot provides a wide range of options in integrating AI with your workflow. For your convenience, we group them as two categories as below:

  • Outbound service
    You contact customers. For unresolved cases, Aco asks customers for contact information and then notify you to follow up.
  • Inbound support
    Customers contact you. Aco directs customers to a certain page or gives them instruction on obtaining further help from human.

Outbound or inbound? Choose one that fits your business best and click the corresponding link below for details.