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Outbound Service

With an outbound service setup, Aco will ask customers for their contact information in case it cannot resolve their issues. When the session ends, it sends email to you, notifying you to follow up for each unresolved case.

You may choose a preferred contact method, email or telephone.

Steps to Set Up a Group for Outbound Service

  1. Log in and choose the group.
  2. Click Advanced tab.
  3. Click Settings tab.
  4. Click Contacts tab.
  5. Choose Email or Phone for Customer contacts.
  6. Save.

That's it. When Aco cannot resolve an issue, it will ask customers for their email address or telephone number, according to your choice, and sends a follow-up mail notification to you.


The receipts of such follow-up mail notifications are defined at Advanced - Settings - Mails tab.

You may specify up to 10 receipts for the follow-up notification. In addition to your team members, you can also add the mail-in box of your help desk software to the receipt list. Doing so you integrate Acobot and help desk software via mail interface.