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Inbound Services

You may request Aco to give customers instructions on how to get further help when it cannot resolve their issues. Examples of such instructions are:

  • Click here to submit a support ticket.
  • Click here to talk to one of my human colleagues.
  • Please email us at We will reply by the next business day.
  • If you're a FREE user, go to our community forum for help. If you're a PAID user, visit this page for priority services.

As the examples above demonstrates, whatever your support workflow might be, you can easily bridge Acobot with it.

Steps to Set Up a Group for Inbound Service Workflow

  1. Log in and choose the group.
  2. Click Advanced tab.
  3. Click Settings tab.
  4. Click Contacts tab.
  5. Choose None for Customer contacts.
  6. Under Your Contacts, enter instructions to customers.
  7. Save.

Aco will then give the instructions above to customers when it cannot resolve their issues.


  • Write the instructions as if you were Aco. Doing so the instructions read smooth when Aco give them to customers.
  • Example 2 demonstrates how you may implement a hybrid live support solution: AI may work with human together to deliver the best customer experience at the lowest cost.