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Acobot will study your website and create an AI chatbot for you. It will get ready to work in a few minutes or seconds, depending on the size of your website.


Make a widget

Acobot uses a chat widget to interact with your website visitors. By choosing an avatar, style and color with a few clicks, you can make the widget perfectly match your website. It doesn't require any web design expertise.


Go live

Acobot will start working as soon as you add the chat widget to your website. Adding the widget can be done by copying/pasting a single line of JavaScript code. You can expect to get lead notifications in a few minutes or hours, depending on the traffic of your website.

Features your customers will love

Acobot adds several conversational features to your website, making it interactive and engaging.


Based on the web page visitors are browsing, Acobot sends applicable messages to welcome them.


Acobot chats with your website visitors and tries to answer their questions based on your website.


Acobot opens web pages for visitors, without requiring a click, delivering an exceptional user experience.


Acobot adds search to your site, allowing visitors a quick discovery of your products, services or contents.


Acobot provides an approachable contact point. Visitors can reach you conveniently, with a conversational experience.


Acobot interacts with visitors via both text and voice simultaneously, making your website even more engaging.

How it increases sales leads

During the interaction with visitors, Acobot asks them for their email address or telephone number straightforwardly when appropriate. It's simple, easy yet effective, capturing much more sales leads from your website in comparison to web forms.

What makes 50% more sales leads?

What we do is very simple. There is no secret. Aco, starting from its first day of work, was capable of capturing 10% more leads than web forms simply by asking visitors for their contact information. Then we have performed a series of A/B tests, adding/removing certain features for its better performance. See the following examples of tests that we have done.


We've tested various layouts and the one we choose delivers 6.0% more leads than the traditional chat box.


When we replace photos of people with cartoons for avatar, Aco delivers 4.9% more leads on average.

Question answering

Simply allowing visitors to ask questions has increased 7.2% leads! More leads have been generated when Aco gives answers.


Sales leads increase 5.1% when Aco opens web pages for visitors, without requiring them to click for navigation.


After adding site search, the visitors who use search contribute 4.2% more sales leads.


The voice, not perfect yet, has brought longer session duration and 3.5% more leads.

After two years of hard work, we finally get a set of highly optimized features that increase 50% or even more sales leads!

Acobot improves over time

We know you want to focus on what’s most important — running your business. So our smart technology will find ways to improve your chatbot and deliver better results to you day to day.

Plus, we’ll provide ongoing help and support, so you can grow your business faster using Acobot.

How can Aco outperforms live chat in lead generation?

Based on the observation of our customers who compared Aco with live chat, there are two major findings explaining why Aco defeats live chat agent in lead generation.

Finding 1: Aco engages more visitors than agents

There are three major reasons.


Full coverage

None of our customers, including those who have as many as 5 full-time agents, can provide 24/7 live chat service because of the uneven traffic. The service is not available for the most time and the live chat software just works as a contact form.

Aco works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, never missing out a single visitor.


Less pressure

Visitors often hesitate to interact with a human agent for the reason of feeling pushed. Such feeling is gone when they chat with a chatbot. Our A/B tests show cartoon avatars deliver more chats and leads than human photos.

Furthermore, our tests reveal that with our unique widget layout, which allows users to start interaction with a single click, Aco can start more chats and thus capture more leads.


Zero wait time

Visitors become impatient if they don’t get a response in 6 seconds during a chat. However even the full-time live chat agents cannot always guarantee to respond so promptly. Many chats start and then die simply for this reason.

Aco can always give a reply in one or two seconds, giving visitors a pleasant and predictable experience. Such capability, together with our unique widget layout, makes the instant interaction between visitors and Aco always available.

Finding 2: Aco achieves the same lead conversion rates as agents

Sometimes Aco can even achieve higher conversion rate than human.

Aco has a simple workaround for its weakness

Both live chat agents and Aco try to convert visitors into leads by helping them. As live chat agents excel Aco in question answering, they should be able to achieve a much higher conversion rate, right? However that's not true.

When Aco gets a question that it can't answer, which does occur now and then, it simply offers human services and then asks visitors for their contact information. It works pretty well as many visitors give their email addresses or telephone numbers!

Aco has a strength that human can never match

Live chat agents understand their purpose is to convert visitors into leads but they can't always stick to it. Even though the conversion rate of a website has reached as high as 10%, 90% of its visitors are not willing to give their email address or telephone number as requested by live chat agents. Being rejected repeatedly can be a major psychological cause for the poor job satisfaction and low productivity of many agents.

Aco doesn't have such psychological pressure. It never hesitates to convert a visitor when appropriate and it's always as productive as designed.

Aco engages more visitors and converts more leads - that's it.

We're honest about the fact that Aco is not so smart as human in answering customer questions or providing customer support. However we want to remind you that Aco outperforms live chat agent in lead generation, However it's also a hard fact that Acobot outperforms live chat agent in lead generation and it costs only a fraction of agent salary. That's why our customers have replaced live chat with Aco!

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