The sales means the total amount of orders you've received during the billing period.

30 day billing

You use Acobot firstly and at the end of each 30 days you pay for it based on your sales.

Billing cap

Acobot is disabled when the spending reaches the cap, $1,000. You'll never be over-charged.

How it works

We here at Acobot believe technology should be available to everyone, that is why we structured our virtual shop assistant to come at a low introductory price of only $9.00 each month. This allows you to experience all that artificial intelligence has to offer without breaking the bank.

As you see 30% or more of existing traffic begin to convert to qualified sales, we charge a very small fee of average 0.58% of the gross value of your product to help us scale with you. This fee ensures that no matter how many customers you convert, Acobot is always by your side with our overall service fee of $9.00 a month. Our virtual shop assistant monthly subscription is billed automatically and you can cancel at any time!

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you've made any payment but haven't seen the expected outcomes, request a refund in 15 days of payment.
We will give your money back unconditionally. You even don't have to tell us why!

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