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Pricing Explained

Referral requirement

Web Assistant FREE only: The back link on the widget is required. If the back link is removed from chat widget, the AI is automatically inactivated. The referrals by the back link are eligible for affiliate commissions.


A support session begins when a customer starts interacting with Aco and ends when the interaction has stopped for 30 minutes. Web Assistant PRO owners pay per session count on a monthly basis.

Resolved ticket

Support Agent only: A ticket is created for each session and it's a resolved ticket only if Aco has answered all questions during the session and the customer is satisfied. Otherwise the ticket is open and forwarded to you for follow-up.

Billable ticket

Support Agent Only: A ticket is billable only if it's resolved and relevant to your business. If the customer doesn't ask anything about your business during the session, it's not billable.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you've made any payment but are unsatisfied, either because of customer complaint or failure to outperform the peers on market, request a refund in 15 days of payment. We will give your money back unconditionally.
You even don't have to tell us why!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does monthly billing work?

The day you subscribe to our monthly billing plan is set as the billing day. From the second billing day, we calculate the billing amount by the billable (relevant and resolved) tickets. If it's below to the minimum amount, the minimum charge is applied. The maximum charge could never exceed the cap you set.

What if the spending cap is reached?

Aco continues to work and the quote for the next billing month is used. You will receive an email notification and you should increase the billing amount cap in time. Otherwise when the quote for next month is used up, the service will stop.

Do multiple questions result in multiple tickets?

No. The ticket is counted by session. Each session could generate up to one ticket. No matter how many relevant questions customers ask during a session, it is counted as a single ticket.

Is a ticket billable if all issues are resolved except one?

Regardless how many issues a ticket involves, it's open and free of charge as long as there is one issue unresolved.

How do you tell whether a ticket is resolved or not?

A ticket is not resolved if Aco cannot provide a solution. If a solution is provided, Aco will ask customers if it helps. If not, the ticket is still not resolved.

How much is the total cost per ticket resolved by Aco?

There is no upfront cost. Setup takes just minutes. There are no extra maintenance tasks if you've been actively maintaining your websites. For these reasons, the total cost is almost as same as the rate per ticket.

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