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It's not difficult to improve customer service or to cut support cost alone. The real challenge is to achieve both at the same time. Acobot can help you.

Wait No More

Customers want immediate help when they have questions about your products. They are happy with the fact that Aco is always available and ready to respond in a second, literally.

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Real Resolutions

Aco is able to give accurate answers to customer questions. The better, even if customers don't know how to describe their problem exactly, Aco can help clarify the question and bring a solution.

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Giving Love

Aco is patient, positive and professional. It converses like a friendly human agent when interacting with customers, making getting support an easy, simple, and pleasant experience.

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Reduce Support Tickets by 80%

Powered by sophisticated AI, Aco can not only answer simple questions like "How do you install Wordpress?" but also resolve complex issues requiring a few discussions. Hence Aco may resolve 80% or even more of your support tickets.

Save $21.5 per Ticket

A service desk ticket would cost you $22 (North America average, according to MetricNet). As the cost per ticket resolved by Aco is as low as $0.5 (see our pricing), you save $21.5 for each. If Aco resolves 80% of tickets, you cut the whole support costs by 78.2%.

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Affordable to Business of Any Size

Aco Costs You Less Than a Coffee a Day

You only pay for the issues Aco resolves. If an issue is not resolved or the customer is not satisfied, you don't need to pay!

No Upfront Cost

Signing up is free. No credit card is required. Setting up is free. You can try the full features for free. You are satisfied, then you pay.

No Indirect Costs

We have automated everything so there are no maintenance tasks left for you at all. You don't need to allocate any time or resources to maintain it.

No Hidden Fees

Our pricing structure is very simple - Monthly billing with a spending cap you set. There are no add-on features to buy. No extra fees to pay.

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