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If you haven't, get the JS codes for the widget.

Adding Acobot to Drupal Site

There are various ways to add Acobot widget to your Drupal site. The simplest one is using the block system of Drupal. Doing so you may add and manage the widget easily, without needing to write any code!

  1. Log in to your website as Drupal administrator.
  2. Choose "Structure" from admin menu or admin home.
  3. Choose "Blocks."
  4. Click "Add block" button.
  5. Provide a text, saying "Acobot widget", for "Block description."
  6. Paste the JS codes copied above into "Body" field.
  7. Choose "Full HTML" or any filter that allows JS for Text format.
  8. Under "Region settings," choose a region, typically footer, for the theme(s) that you want to show widget with.
  9. Leave other fields as is and click "Save block" button.

The widget will then show up.


The widget doesn't show up...

  • Try clearing the cache. (Configuration - Development - Clear all caches)
  • If you have multiple themes, ensure you have added the block to the theme you're looking at.

Advanced settings

You may easily customize the visibility for Acobot widget with Drupal block settings. For example,

  • Show widget only to users with a certain role, saying anonymous or authenticated users.
  • Show widget on certain pages.

If you're a Drupal developer, you may write your own block visibility codes for even more advanced settings.