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Excluding Helpless Web Pages

Your web sites include thousands of web pages but typically many of them are not helpful to Aco. Examples of such pages are:

  • Community forum posts
  • Guest blog posts
  • User profiles
  • List of user posts
  • Tag pages
  • Demo pages

You can exclude these pages from your group by specifying path patterns for them. This is how.

  1. Log in and choose the group.
  2. Click "Dashboard" -> "Website" -> "Exclusion".
  3. Click "Edit".
  4. Enter the path patterns for Pages to Excldue.
  5. Save.

AI will immediately start re-working your website.

Note you can use * as wildcard.

Why should you help Aco exclude these pages?

You may set up multiple pages for each group. For each main page, Aco only learns the first 1,000 pages qualified by your settings. 1,000 is a very small number in comparison to the total pages of your websites. We set such a low limit because we hope you contribute a bit in boosting the AI performance.

While Aco will work hard to identify the topic of each page, you outperform it on this job. You're familiar with the structure of your website and can accurately outline what pages are helpful and what are not. By allocating a few minutes to improve the path patterns for the Pages to ignore, you can help Aco boost its performance greatly and thus achieve your goal better.