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Conversational popup

Acobot uses a one-time popup to engage website visitors who haven't interacted with your chatbot when they are leaving from you.

If you hate popups, you may want to know this conversational popup works in a totally different manner, delivering much better user experience.

Firstly it doesn't require visitors to fill out a form or click on a button. It just says Hello to them and offers help, "Have you find what you need?" for instance. Many visitors start interaction and are converted finally.

Secondly, it shows only when visitors are leaving from your website.

Finally it shows only once for visitors who have never interacted with the AI chatbot before.

Acobot conversational popup deliver more results than traditional popups. In addition, we've designed it in such a manner that it balance the results and user experience well.

Steps to set the type of sales leads

  1. Log in to your Acobot account.
  2. Choose the AI chatbot to work with.
  3. Click menu ☰ - UI - Popup.

On the above page you can also disable/enable popup feature. However we recommend you keep it active for better performance.