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Acobot delivers sales leads to your inbox. Depending on your website traffic, you receive the first lead notification in seconds or minutes once you add Acobot to your website.

If you run a high traffic website, it is very likely that your inbox is filled with unread notifications as you receive hundreds or even thousands of leads each day. Then you may find our callback feature a necessity.

Once you provide your API end point (URL), Acobot will invoke it automatically each time a sales lead is captured. It uses POST method to send the sales data to your API. The data contains three fields.

  • email: Email address of leads
  • subject: Notification subject
  • body: Notification body, with interaction logs included.

The contents of "subject" and "body" are exactly the same as those used for mail notification to your inbox.

Tips: You can actually create a callback item before you start to develop the API. Doing so enables you to try out callback post data structure using the test tool included with Acobot callback feature.

Steps to Create a Callback

Log in to your Acobot account and choose the AI you want to work with.

  1. Choose "Misc"-"Callbacks" tab
  2. Choose "+ Lead callback“.
  3. Provide your API end point URL.
  4. Save.

Tips: If you can't see "+ Lead callback" link, it means the callback already exists. You can create only one callback for each event. Edit the existing one instead.

Known Limitation

Lead callback only supports email leads at this time. Contact us if you want it to work with telephone leads.