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Billing Plans

There are two billing options.

  • Monthly billing
  • Prepaid

Monthly billing

This is the default option. With monthly billing, you will use Acobot without advance payment. We will bill you monthly according to your actual usage, with a minimum amount. The usage is calculated by the number of tickets resolved by Aco. There are no any other fees or charges. The billing is processed via PayPal. You don't have to give us your card information.

Maximum amount: When signing up for monthly billing, you will set up a maximum amount you want to pay each month. Considering the fact that you will pay only what you use, we recommend you set a large enough maximum amount so that the service will be not halted for its reason.

This option doesn't require a contract. You may cancel it at any time and the usage metering will stop immediately. The unpaid usage will be billed at the end of the last billing period.


Prepaid plan is only available to clients with a monthly budget over USD $5,000 and a predictable chat volume. Such clients may enjoy a discounted rate but the contract cannot be canceled and unused quotes are not refundable.

Viewing Usage and Billing Items

As group Manager or Administrator, you may view the usage and billing items for your groups at their own Billing page.

Note the usage data are not in real time. They may have a delay up to 24 hours.