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JavaScript APIs


This API returns the JavaScript codes that render a chat widget on web pages. A typical example of such products is WordPress plugin that enables users to add Acobot to their WordPress website without needing to copy and page JS code manually.

As a matter of fact, the manual installation method uses the JS API, in the below format.

<script src='https://acobot.ai/js/w?key=nnn.xxxxxx'></script>

Chat API

Use the API below to render a chat widget.




Parameter Type Requirement Description
key string Required The website owner's API key. Note this is NOT your own API key. Typically you will provide a UI through which website owner may enter their own API key.

Why shouldn't I include my API key?

Acobot learns from the given website. If you include your own key, the A.I. for your website is loaded. It will be unable to answer questions specific the user's website. If you want to provide a demo before users provide their own keys, user the demo API below.

Return Values

JavaScript codes that render a chat widget, which allows users to interact with A.I.