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Auto Followup Callback

When "Auto Followup" feature is enabled, Acobot sends an email to each captured lead, confirming the receipt of their request and encouraging them to take actions you expect.

Such emails are send from the domain of acobot.com. If you want to send these email with your own domain, you can use Auto Followup Callback feature.

Similar to lead callback, this call back is triggered when an email lead is captured, please you have Auto Followup feature enabled.

When the callback is triggered, it invokes the API end point URL you specify and send the following data to your system using POST method.

  • email: The email address of lead.
  • subject: The subject of followup email.
  • body: The body of followup email.

The contents of "subject" and "body" fields can be customized using the Auto Followup feature.

Note Acobot will not send Auto Followup emails to end users any more if you have an active Auto Followup Callback in place.