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Giving Aco chances to Improve

An artificial intelligence system often evolves over time. So does Aco. Its performance improves gradually as customers interact with it. The more customer interactions, the better Aco would perform. So there are two things you can do to help Aco and help yourself besides building a content rich website.

Put Aco into Use so Both of You May Learn From Customers

If you hesitate to put Aco into use because you find some of questions cannot be answered by Aco during testing, the following paragraphs are for you.

A realistic performance criteria is helpful.

No AI, no computers or even no human agents are able to answer all customer questions for all time. There are and there will be some questions that Aco cannot answer, as always. If your products or services involve critical missions that require 100% accurate answer for each customer question, Aco is not the right choice. Otherwise you should set a realistic criteria for the resolution rate and put it into use once the criteria is satisfied.

Aco delivers good customer experience even when it has no answer.

Aco is designed in such a manner that it's able to interact with customers smoothly even when it cannot answer their questions. It will ask customer questions to figure out what they want. If that still doesn't work, it will ask customers for contact information or direct them to the web pages you specify. The customers are still happy with the smooth conversational experience.

Aco helps you know customer better and faster.

When preparing web contents, you should predict customer questions as much as you can but once you've done it too much, the productivity decreases significantly. Why? Human are poor in predicting human questions. If you keep working behind the closed doors, you can never figure out what customers really concern and what questions they actually have. In contrary, when Aco starts working with customers, you can easily get to know what issues to address and then act to boost the performance in an effective and efficient manner. What you need to do is just read through the chat logs on a daily basis.

Aco improves continuously as it interacts with your customer.

Your business is unique. Your customers may use unique languages to ask unique questions specific to your business. While Aco already has a large number of general language data, it may improve further by studying the language of your customers. The more your customers interact with Aco, the better it performs. If you don't put it in work, the excellent performance will never happen.

So if you're satisfied with Aco's performance, put it into work now so you can enjoy the benefits AI today; If not, still put it into work so that both of you may learn from customers, make continuous improvement, and finally achieve an excellence in customer service.

Be Patient When Aco Learns

It takes just a few minutes for Aco to learnt the contents of your website. However it may take several weeks or even months, depending on the nature of your business, for it to understand customers questions thoroughly and achieve the best performance as possible.

The good news is this process is fully automated. Aco works hard for that so you don't have to. The bad news is it's rather slow. We're working hard to accelerate it, aiming to shorten it to one or two days finally but before that, your patience and support to Aco is critical - Don't remove it from the website just because it fails to answer one or two questions. Give Aco chances and times to learn. Help it so it may help you!