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Does Tracking Actually Work?

Acobot Affiliate Program provides you with precise tracking data in real time. With the real-time data, you can easily verify the accuracy of tracking.

If you just signed up with Acobot Affiliate Program, you will see all of the numbers on the page of Today's Events are zero. Not a surprise because you haven't generated any referrals.

Now make a referral happen and you should see the number for Referrals changes to increase by one immediately. This is how.

Firstly get your referral link.

  1. Log in to your partner account at acobot.ai.
  2. Choose "Affiliate" from the main menu.
  3. Copy your referral link from footer of acobot.ai. It looks like https://acobot.ai?ref=[id]. [id] is your referral id.

Then make a referral at acobot.ai

  1. Launch a browser you never used for browsing acobot.ai or clear its cookies.
  2. Paste you referral link into the address bar of the browser.
  3. Open it.

Now go back to acobot.ai. Choose Today from main menu or refresh it if you have already opened the page. The number for Referrals should increase one.

You may use similar steps to verify the tracking of the following events.

  • Registration: Sign up with acobot.ai after landing the site with your referral link.
  • Group: Create a new group at acobot.ai.
  • Subscription: Subscribe to automatically billing - You can test it because you don't have to make an actual payment.
  • Cancellation: Cancel the automatic billing.

To verify payment you have to wait as the first payment doesn't occur until 30 days after the customer subscribes for a paying plan. However we want to assure you that the payments are tracked precisely in the same manner. If you use Acobot as a paid client, you will observe a payment event is recorded and a commission is created each time when you is billed.