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Note MinitBot is an optional feature. You don't have to create any MiniBot to use Acobot for lead generation.

What is a MiniBot?

A MiniBot, as its name , is a simplified AI chatbot. It works according to the scripts you write and the AI will take the conversation over seamlessly when appropriate.

What is the purpose of MiniBots?

With MiniBots, you can easily customize how the AI chatbot greets website visitors (openings message) and how it responses when visitors give a known input pattern.

You can also use MinBot to build a wizard that guide users through a certain process, for survey, registration, or fulfill a tasks.

How can I get started with MiniBots quickly?

Creating MiniBot likes simulating conversations between two users, visitor and bot, in a forum.

If you're new to MiniBot, you can start with an InstantBot, the ready-made MiniBot, and use it as the template for your own MiniBots.

Steps to set the type of sales leads

  1. Log in to your Acobot account.
  2. Choose the AI chatbot to work with.
  3. Click menu ☰ - AI - MiniBots.