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Improving Website Contents

Why shall I improve my website contents?

Your website contents largely determine the performance of Aco.

Aco is smart as it's able to learn from your websites by itself. However there is an obvious limitation - It cannot create knowledge from scratch by itself. Aco cannot help customers with any topics that your websites don't address. In contrary, the more topics your website covers, the more questions Aco can answer and the better customers would experience.

What contents shall I add to website?

You should provide information about your business, products or services as much as possible. If you have no idea what to write, here are a few tips:

  • Look at your mail box or service desk for questions that customer asked you before.
  • Look at your peers to see what is included with their documentation or knowledge base.
  • Predict what customers might concern when there is a coming event.

What are the recommend website structure or page format?

Aco reads through the website in a way similar to your customers. If you have structured your website in such a manner that customers find the site is easy to navigate, it's already optimized for Aco.

For the same reason, you should make the web pages readable to humans. For example,

  • Ensure the anchor text match the purpose of target page.
  • Ensure the page title reflect the major subject of page.
  • Use headings (h1 to h6) outline the page contents. If a page address several issues, use a heading to summarize each issue.

Check mails from Acobot in time

At the end of each session, Aco will send a mail notification to your inbox, a log mail if the issues is resolved or a folllowup mail otherwise. These are topics your customers concern and questions they want to ask. We recommend you address all of these topics on your website, even you think people would never ask the same question again.

Tip: If you don't bother to organize the contents, simply maintain an FAQ. Every time you find a new topic, add new items to the FAQ list.

When will my website revisions go into effect?

Aco scan your websites for new contents on a daily basis. The new page will get into effect in 24 hours or so after the last learning. To find out when the last learning is done, go to the dashboard of your group and look at the line under the last gauge.

Can I apply website revisions immediately?

Yes, you can put any new web pages or revisions to an existing page into work without waiting for the next scheduled learning. This is how.

  1. Go to the dashboard of the gorup.
  2. Hover the last gauge, "learned x hours y minutes ago."
  3. Click Re-learn link.

Aco will re-learn the whole website immediately.

To summarize, continuously enhancing the contents of your website will enable Aco to answer more questions and perform better and better.